Meet The Staff at Stogies

Mark Wolk

Boss man Mark Wolk Loves being around people and helping you select the perfect premium cigar.

Tim Hawkins

Meet Tim Hawkins, he has been with Stogies on Grand for 4+ years. His favorite cigar is the Punch Rothchilde Maduro. When he isn’t at Stogies he loves going to live music.

Mark Williams

Meet Mark Williams! He has been in the Stogies on Grand family for 8 years! His favorite cigar is My Father’s Connecticut. His hobby is gum collecting. Stop by today and try one with him!

Jess Callahan

Stop in and say hi to Jess Callahan! She is going on 14 years at Stogies on Grand. Julius Caesar is her favorite cigar, which you can only find at a Diamond Crown Lounge. Jess’s other passion is Coffee.

Craig Hooker

Introducing Craig Hooker. Ex-Military volunteer, Police Officer, loves his dogs and all-around great guy. Come on in and you will most likely find Craig enjoying a Camacho Connecticut 6×60. Stop in and have one with him!

Joel Folkestad

Joel has been with Stogies for 2 years and his favorite cigar is Padron.

Ryan Kotzer

Meet Ryan Kotzer, who has been with our team for almost five years. If you have seen him working you would understand his passion for collecting knives. He also enjoys reading sci-fi. His favorite cigar is the Padron 50th Maduro.