History of Stogies on Grand

In early 1997, Howard and Eileen Bream and Lenny Lome began to develop the concept of Stogies on Grand. Location was a first step, and then they went about the business of building it out to the specifications and obtaining inventory. It was in the midst of a huge tobacco boom, which made it very difficult to get product. But, with a huge amount of perseverance, they were able to open in September of that year. They proudly hung the photo of Leo Singer, Eileen’s father and Lenny’s grandfather, in their shop to watch over them. He was in the tobacco business in Minneapolis from the mid 1930’s till his death in 1968.

They worked hard and learned something new every day! Their customers became a part of their family. They felt so fortunate to get to know so many amazing people.

After 5 years, Eileen and Howard bought Lenny’s portion of the business and moved forward. They grew their involvement in their community and became involved in the National Tobacco community, as well.

Eileen and Howard’s son-in-Law, Mark Wolk joined them in 2009 and bought Stogies on Grand in April of 2010. Mark is the current owner and you will find him at Stogies on Grand laughing with his customers and working with the industry to keep Stogies in the forefront of the Cigar Industry.

Leo Singer, (Eileen’s father)
Faye Singer, (Eileen’s mother) and friends.